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Our helpful, experienced lending team is here to guide you from beginning to end. Contact a team member, and get started today. 

Commercial Lending (Business)

Neil Hoffman 
[email protected] 716.938.9171 x1024 

Scott Crist 
[email protected] 716.938.9171 x2102 

Jim Domagola
[email protected] 716.938.9171 x1038

Doug Nelson
[email protected] 716.938.9171 x1026

Steve Swanson 
[email protected] 716.338.2566

Ashley Reed 
[email protected] 716.338.2408

Retail Lending (Mortgage, USDA Rural Development, Personal, Home Equity, Home Equity Line of Credit)

Magdalena (Margie) Dye (Dunkirk)
[email protected] 716.938.9171 x2308

Kelly Cave (Dunkirk)
[email protected] 716.938.9171 x2301

Krista Leone: (Jamestown)
[email protected]716.938.9128 x2105

Heather Barone (Jamestown)
[email protected] 716.938.9171 x2110

Lillian Wallace (Little Valley) 
[email protected] 716.938.9171 x1075

Amy Johnston (Randolph)
[email protected]716.938.9171 x1075 

Jaylyn Rinko (Salamanca)
[email protected]716.938.9171 x1501

Jill Fedor (Springville)
[email protected]
716.938.9171 x1702

Sally Harris (South Dayton)
[email protected]
716.938.9171 x4202