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Cattaraugus County Bank is committed to serving our community. From keeping up with the latest technology, so you have 24/7 access to your accounts, to offering financial solutions for each important life change, we're here to help you succeed. Find out what our customers have to say about us.

Nancy & John DiBlasi, Lawtons, NY

OWNER: Nan D's/Cozy Corner Restaurant in Springville, NY

January 29, 2019 “We’ve banked with CCB for over 20 years! We get quick help and advice in all of our personal and business situations. We worked with CCB’s Springville Relationship Manager when we needed a new truck and opened a line-of-credit loan at her recommendation. The whole process was outstanding! All of the staff is thorough and helpful and they always have a warm smile. We will keep all of our personal and business banking with CCB!”

Tim Mitchell, East Otto, NY

January 25, 2019 “I’ve been a customer of CCB for 12 years … the employees are helpful and knowledgeable. They know me personally and walk an extra mile when taking care of my banking needs!”

Greg Beatty, Springville, NY

OWNER: 49 Coffeehouse & Eatery in Springville, NY

January 9, 2019 “I’ve enjoyed the friendliness and small town feel of CCB for the last seven years! It’s great to walk into a bank where the employees know you, genuinely care about your experience and ask you how you are. Whenever you’re putting your money somewhere, you want to feel confident your money is in the best hands. You get that at CCB. If I ever have an issue or concern, the employees go above and beyond to help me. CCB also helped me find a great payroll company for my business; Genesis. A true 10 out of 10, in my opinion.”

Paul & Jacqueline Geiger, Hinsdale, NY

OWNERS: Central Lanes in Salamanca, NY and Byllye Lanes in Bradford, PA 

July 27, 2018 "We've been CCB customers for about 12 years. All of the employees know us by our first names. We chose CCB for a mortgage loan for our business because we wanted a local bank and we liked the rates at CCB. We applied and within two weeks we were approved! Kevin Quattrone made everything run smoothly with the process. Of course we'd borrow from CCB again! As a matter of fact, we may be working on another loan for improvements later in 2018." 

Margaret and Mitchell FitzGibbon, Westfield, NY

May 30, 2018 "When we mentioned to a representative at CCB's Lakewood branch that we were sending some money to another financial institution for investment purposes, the representative said she would mention it to the new branch manager (Sean Connor) to see if he had a response or ideas. He replied right away and after learning of our needs as conservative investors, promised to discuss with upper management what options they might offer us beyond the standard numbers. Over the next few weeks, the manager did all kinds of research into CD's, interest rates and FDIC insurance limits and made lots of phone calls. The result was excellent service that Sean and CCB were providing us. This is exactly what we had hoped to find. It was a winning situation for everyone involved and kept our assets in our community. His attention to our needs as well as CCB's response to those needs has meant a lot to us."

Shelley Broadwell, L.B.Tiling, Inc., Castile, NY

January 23, 2018 "We've banked with CCB since 1983 … 35 years! Over those years, CCB has been there to serve both our personal and business needs. They helped us get a start by trusting us 35 years ago. More recently, we were able to upgrade a piece of equipment so we will be ready for the upcoming work season. Out of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, I'd rate our experience as a 10-Plus. We'd definitely borrow from CCB again if we have a need or vision for growth and productivity. What we like best about CCB is how friendly, caring, helpful and honest everyone has always been. They treat you like family!"

Mike & Berniece Raab, Lil's Deli, Machias, NY

March 8, 2017 "We love the friendly people CCB employees are and their willingness to help us! They are located close to our business and we love the loan specials they offer. We came to CCB for a loan to buy our business. They've helped us with loans and lines of credit. CCB is very pleasant to work with and if we had a need again, we'd certainly come to this bank!"

Greg Northway, CCB Customer

February 12, 2017 "As a CCB customer at your Springville Branch for nearly ten years I want to let you know that I am a very satisfied customer. Starting on the first day when I walked in I received personal attention from assistant manager to teller to bank manager. They were professional, knowledgeable and helpful in setting up my checking account. Recently I took out a Home Equity Line of Credit. While on a two-week vacation to Mexico this past month I received a phone call from a contractor informing me that one of my checks could not be cashed. I immediately called my branch and within two days the issue was resolved. This resolution came about in my estimation as a result of a coordinated team approach. I sensed a personal concern on their part, especially from Jill Fedor, Jenni Bellinger and Mary Owens. Everyone remained positive and focused on a solution. I felt my concerns became theirs. I realized that I was in 'good hands.' My vacation could resume in a worry-free relief. In this day & age of computers and irritating corporate answering machines that put you through never ending questions before you get a real human being it was so reassuring to have an understanding and caring human being. Your personal customer service is priceless. When so many are quick to criticize the littlest infraction, let me give you a 'positive.' Jill, Jenni and Mary are proof of good customer service. You can be proud. Sincerely, a satisfied customer, Greg Northway"