Credit Cards


We offer three different Visa® credit cards to best match your lifestyle. And CCB credit cards offer more than just flexibility — they offer rewards.

Sign up to earn redeemable points for merchandise or travel — just for using your card. With no annual fees, you'll also be protected by Visa's Zero Liability service in case the worst happens.


  • Buy purchases instantly
  • Build credit history
  • No annual fee
  • Opportunity to earn rewards
  • Zero Liability fraud protection from Visa
  • Easily replaced if lost or stolen
  • Call 1-800-883-0131
Types of Credit Cards

For your convenience, CCB offers three types of Visa® credit cards to fit your financial situation. Find information on each below.

Platinum Visa

  • No annual fee
  • Be a part of ScoreCard® Rewards
  • Earn points to redeem for merchandise or travel
  • Earn one point for every dollar spent in net retail purchases
  • Visit for more information
  • Add up to 3 authorized users on your account — free
  • Zero Liability fraud protection from Visa
  • Mail-in or online payments
  • Easily replaced if lost or stolen.
  • Call 800-883-0131

Small Business Visa

  • No annual fee
  • Choose between Visa Platinum Edition and Visa Platinum Rewards
  • Earn high interest with Platinum Edition
  • Earn points with Platinum Rewards for ScoreCard® rewards for travel and merchandise
  • Covered by Visa's Zero Liability fraud protection
  • Add authorized users to your account at no charge
  • Access statement and make payments at to
  • Review recent transactions
  • View statements up to 18 months
  • Download account data into Quicken® or other financial software
  • Set up account alerts
  • Easily replaced if lost or stolen
  • Call 800-883-0131

Read our frequently asked questions about our Platinum and Business Visa® cards.

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Credit Cards