We've cut out the middleman in favor of efficiency. Now you can use your mobile phone to send or receive secure payments directly with PopMoney®. It's as easy as sending a text. view demo

There are other cool features, like the ability to set up recurring payments or auto-deposits. And signing up is easy! Just log into online banking and access your bill pay account. Select Popmoney, add your contacts, and start sending and receiving money! Once it's all set up, use it anytime via our mobile app CCB NOW.


  • Fast, easy and convenient way to make and receive payments
  • Send and receive person-to-person payments through your mobile phone — like a text message
  • Recipient/Sender must have a US bank account and an email address or mobile phone number
  • 50¢ fee per transaction
  • Safe and secure
  • Set up recurring payments and auto-deposits
  • Certified by Verisign® and TRUSTe® for safety and security
  • Limited operation on weekends and holidays may apply